Where to snowboard in the UK

Snowboarding in the UK is quickly becoming a viable option as the credit crunch hits the nation. So, where are the best places to snowbosard in the UK? And why should you snowboard here rather than abroad? Is it worth it at all? Snowboarding tips looks into where to snowboard in the UK and provides tips on the best spots.

Snowboarding in the UK – Is it worth it?

As you can probably imagine, snowboarding in the UK is never going to be as good as hitting up fresh powder on slopes in France or Austria – however, if you are serious about snowboarding and want to learn quickly, it may be an option.

There are plenty of options for snowboarding in the UK and they can often be quite cheap, reasonable and fun. Snowdomes such as Tamworth, Milton Keynes and Castleford offer deals on freestyle nights that make practicing your snowboarding tricks regularly an achievable option. And the great thing is – most of them come with snowboarding and equipment hire as part of the price.

In addition to the snowdomes, there are also hills that regularly open to snowboarders when snow hits the UK – and these places are often good to go to. Snowboarding tips looks at a few select places to snowboard in the UK..

Where to snowboard in the UK?


One of the original snowdomes established in the UK, Tamworth offers both freestyle nights and snowboarding lesson packages for beginners. Prices are pretty reasonable and Tamworth is a great place if you are learning to snowboard as packages include multiple lessons, snowboard, equipment hire and even lunch! Lesson prices vary in length, price and complexity but it is highly advisable to book yourself on as the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and patient.

As for the slope itself – it is pretty small and basic when compared with others. If you are taking the escalator up to the top you get an extra few metres to strut your stuff before you turn the corner into the straight slope. The total slope is 170m in length by 30 metres wide – so there is usually enough room to cater for a number of boarders/skiiers.

Located near Staffordshire, Tamworth is a great place for beginners to learn the slopes and basic tricks. Top tuition ensures that you learn the fundamentals of snowboarding properly to build on this when you are out on the slopes abroad – snowboarding tips strongly recommends Tamworth for this purpose. Finally, the freestyle nights offer a number of rails, boxes and jumps for you to learn safely on small obstacles. The box is highly recommended to learn grinding and sliding trick tips.


Milton Keynes – XScape

Milton Keynes offers a 170m long slope with similar tutorial lessons and freestyle nights. The snow here is great, and you will usually find thick powder to lay into. The staff are great, friendly and the lessons are relatively cheap. As with Tamworth, you can get great deals on beginners snowboarding lessons and buy in bulk to save money. Like learning to drive a car, you are best buying a number of lessons and going regularly to maintain your skill level.

There are 2 poma lifts here when you reach the bottom of the slope to take you back up, both are very comfortable and easy to use. This is where Milton Keynes edges over Tamworth, which only offers one button lift and an escalator that can take quite a while to get up. Lessons start at roughly £27.99 for a 2-hour lesson – and this is very much worth it. The instructor will work with you on your strengths and weaknesses and bring you up to speed relatively quickly.


Raise, Helvellyn, Cumbria

One of the best-known centres for snowboarding in the UK, Raise has been open a staggering number of years and offers a button lift, permanent webcam broadcast to the website and off-piste runs. When the snow is falling, Raise is a great place to head for natural runs. There are various runs for the type of snowboarder you are – including black runs and steeper runs. Depending on how deep the snow is and where it falls, there are different runs available.

At £7 for a day-pass, Raise is one of the cheapest snowboarding in the UK options. As this is a hill, snow is obviously required to ride so on a hot summers day you will be best looking towards one of the snowdomes. But if there is natural snow falling, head to Raise for one of the best slopes in the UK and improve your snowboarding at cheap prices.

Yad Moss,  Cumbria.


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