Snowboarding Trick Tips: Frontside Boardslide




You’ll want to make sure you are comfortable with grinding and sliding before you attempt this trick. Ensure you are comfortable with backside boardslides and 50-50′s on both boxes and rails. In addition, you should also be comfortable turning backside – take a look at our tips for the backside 360 and backside 180 to help with this.

Once you have these locked down, you can start to think about the frontside boardslide, and our tips here will break down the trick step by step:

1. Approach

Begin by approaching the obstacle at a steady pace (too fast and you are bound to slip out, especially when you are learning – so try to go slow at first). The obstacle should be in front you, allowing you to essentially turn into it when you are in the air. You should be positioned relatively straight on – but focus on the object you are wanting to slide and keep your line nice and straight.

2. Pop Up

While you are learning, the object you are popping onto should not be too big (or even better if you can simply roll off a kicker onto it) – so pop a small ollie and begin to rotate your lower body the 90 degrees needed to turn your board onto the object.

3. Body Positioning

The most important part here is that you just turn your lower body, do not turn your whole body - try to keep your eyes focused on where you are going and your upper body in line with the object. Most mistakes made here are because the boarder moves their whole body and is essentially looking the wrong way while sliding down Рthis often results in a slip out and a blow to the body on the rail! Keep focused, keep your upper body straight, watch where you are sliding and just move the lower body. You are aiming to have the centre of the board on the rail Рavoiding catching your edge or going over the rail. This is the most important part of the frontside boardslide and if this trick tip teaches you anything it should be that the frontside boardslide is all about body positioning!

4. Sliding

Congratulations, you are on the rail and sliding that frontside boardslide – just remember to keep yourself focused on where you are going and your body weight centred. Dependant on how long the object is this might be a little while but generally the sliding part is over relatively quickly. You should continue to concentrate on the frontside boardslide and begin to think about your landing. It’s not so bad, eh!?

5. Landing

This all depends on how you want to come out – as you start to learn frontside boardslide’s you may find that coming out in fakie feels more natural. This is just because you are overbalanced, but as you begin to become competent it will be easier to come out in regular. Either way, as with any trick – spot your landing and decide ahead of time. When you spot the end of the rail, begin to bring your board back straight – this will probably feel quite natural so don’t worry about this too much. Bend your knee’s as the end comes and soften the blow then ride away smoothly knowing you have just mastered the frontside boardslide.

Follow frontside boardslide trick tips and you'll be hitting up handrails in no time...

Follow frontside boardslide trick tips and you’ll be hitting up handrails in no time…


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