Snowboarding Trick Tips: Backside 360

Unlike the 180 -  in which the frontisde version is easier than the backside version, the backside 360 is the ‘easy’ one. Why? Because as you come around to the landing, you’ll be able to see where you’re going. The key here is to commit to the manoeuvre 100%, and to initiate all of your spin before you take off. So, lets have a look at how we do it – step by step.



1. Approach the jump with your weight low and centred. In the future you will be able to go straight up the middle of the transition and launch into the spin, but to start with snowboarding trick tips recommends carving into the turn. This is basically turning in on the way down the slope, moving from your toe edge to your heel edge, resulting in heading towards the jump slightly off centre. When hitting the transition, you should aim to move from your heels to a flat base – maintaining your weight slightly over your toes. This whole approach should resemble a gentle “S” curve, the idea is to set you up on the jump on your toe edge.

2. As we mention with all spin tricks on snowboarding trick tips, a lot of the work is achieved before the take-off. For a backside spin, stay low and drive your leading shoulder towards your back foot as you approach the lip. Dig your toe edge in so you’re spinning off a solid footing, and pop gently by extending your legs right at the final moment. Carving across the kicker too early may lead to spinning sideways or even coming off the kicker completely, the turn and pop should happen sequentially at the top of the lip.

3. This is the part when you have to begin to commit. If you feel you have nailed the run in and adjusted correctly then when you reach step 3 you should commit completely. Leave the kicker and start spinning, keep turning your head and shoulders in the direction of the spin and pull your knees up into your body so you can grab the board if necessary. If you feel at this stage that you have got the spin right then you are most of the way there.

Backside-360-snowboarding-tip4. If you have committed and got most of the spin out of the way you will find your landing comes back into view. This is the beauty of backside 360′s – from now on you can keep an eye on the landing and be fully aware of how much more spin you need to do.

5. If you’ve nailed the first few steps, you should find you will naturally keep spinning until you spot your landing and come down in a straight line. This very rarely happens, especially at first so there will be times when you over or under rotate. If it looks like you’re about to over-rotate then spread your arms and extend your legs – this should slow your spinning down. On the other hand, if you don’t feel you have enough spin and are looking like to land at 270 degrees then keep your knees sucked up and bring your arms in to speed up the rotation and buy yourself a few more degrees before landing.

6. Set your board down in a straight line with a flat base, extending your arms for balance and cushioning the impact with your knees. If you’re not fully round 360, try and land tail first, as the momentum of landing mid spin should help re-align the board into the correct direction of travel.

7. Once you’re back on the ground and are clear of the jump’s landing area, keep the board pointing straight down the fall line until you’re in control enough to turn and start slowing down. Once you have landed it, look impressed and ride away smooth – remembering to give thanks to snowboarding tips for your backside 360 success!


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