How To Size Snowboard Boots

This snowboarding basics tutorial looks at how to size a snowboard boot properly. The most important thing to think about when sizing your snowboard boot is comfort. If the boot is not comfortable you won’t be able to ride properly – obvious, isn’t it?! The point we are trying to make is that you will be out on these boots for long portions of the day so comfort is key.

As far as the toe and heel sizes are concerned, we are looking for your foot in the boot with your heel against the back but your toe slightly pulled away from the front of the boot (i.e. not a tight fit). The reason for this is to ensure you have wriggle room, allow for extra room when wearing thick socks and mainly because when you turn into a toe side turn you need that room as your heel slides back (see video for more info).

So, ensure that the boot fits but isn’t too tight. The boot should be made of a decent, strong material that is going to last. We would advise to go for a boot that you feel comfortable in and is strong. Note: it is better to go for a boot that may be considered more expensive rather than having to replace again within 6 months.

To recap: ensure that you purchase a snowboarding boot that fits but allows room around the toe edge to move about. You should make sure that the snowboarding boot is comfortable and stable. Buying a boot that is too big may result in your foot moving about and turning your ankle. If in doubt, ask a shop assistant with snowboarding experience. Walk around in the boot to ensure you are comfortable in it.

Our equipment reviews section includes a snowboard boot reviews section that looks at some of the best snowboard boots. While we strongly advise that you purchase a boot that is going to last, the main recommendation is that the boot fits properly and you feel comfortable in whichever snowboarding boot you choose. See our equipment reviews section for more information, advice and recommendations on snowboard boots.

The snowboard sizing chart below also offers advice on snowboard boot sizes and equivalents. Make sure that wherever you buy your snowboard boot from that you have the appropriate boot in relation to your size.



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