Frontside 360 Snowboarding Tips

Warm Up: Before attempting frontside 360s off kickers or quarter pipes, you may want to warm up with several other tricks to make sure you have that baseline of spin tricks nailed. You should have frontside 180s nailed before even attempting frontside 360s and it is advisable to warm up with your butters as well, spinning frontside 360 butters and even popping in a little ollie on the ground to ensure you are comfortable with the rotation.

Approach: Ride in from the heelside of the in-run and ensure you begin to wind your body up on the approach. This will allow you to set up from the toe edge to the heel edge when you hit the top of the kicker. When you are first trying frontside 360′s, you should take off from the heel edge carving your way up the kicker to provide a natural run up to the frontside spin. By pre winding your body in the approach, you will naturally turn into the spin and begin turning the initial 180 without too many problems. Ensure you are comfortable with the speed on your approach and don’t overkill the run up.

Take Off: At the take off the jump pop and extend your legs as if you are doing a frontside 180. Your shoulders should remain square in line with the board and the first frontside 180 should come naturally. As with any spin trick, on take off your head and shoulders should be leading the way.

Landing: Landing for frontside 360s is initially difficult as you will need to be landing blind. This feels unnatural for many riders but you will need to rotate with your upper head and body and look backwards at the ramp on landing. By looking backwards and rotating your upper body into the spin, you will spin more naturally – however, landing becomes more difficult. Do not despair at this point, most riders struggle with the landing initially but keep at it and prepare yourself for landing blind. When you do eventually nail it you will be glad you stuck with it.

Advanced: Once you have nailed the frontside 360, you can mix it up by applying a number of different grabs such as nose, tail or indy grabs. Once you are completely comfortable spinning frontside you may want to attempt further spins such as frontside 540 or frontside 720. You could even begin to factor in spin tricks to grinds or slides, depending on how brave and comfortable you feel.


Frontside 360 Snowboarding Tips – Troubleshooting

Problem 1 – Over rotating: The first issue with frontside 360s that many snowboarders face is over rotation. This is particularly relevant when coming off the back of the second 180 and spotting the landing. Many snowboarders simply continue to rotate and can’t spot the landing well enough due to this being a blind landing. Frontside 360 Snowboarding tips recommends that you keep looking over the lead shoulder and avoid focusing on the landing too much. If you look down at the landing too soon, you are likely to over rotate your spin.

Problem 2 – Landing: Similarly to above, most riders find that landing blind is difficult for them. Frontside 360 snowboarding tips recommends landing tricks you are comfortable with blind by looking back at the ramp to ensure that you get used to this feeling. There are a number of other advanced tricks where this style of landing make affect riders. It is best to start off small, get used to this and then go big.

Problem 3 – Approach: Some riders find that the approach is difficult on the heel side, especially if they are used to turning backside 360s. Frontside 360 snowboarding tips recommends getting used to heelside approaches by slamming down frontside 180s and other frontside tricks first. As you become used to this approach you will find this comes naturally and you can focus on popping out huge frontside 360s in no time.



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