Snowboarding Basics: Edging Up The Slope

When you are confident on your board and with your surroundings, you may want to learn how to get yourself where you want to be on the slope and out of trouble if you ever fall over. Edging up the slope with either both feet strapped in or with just one foot on your board will save you a lot of time and effort and is definitely good to know for when you’re learning.

The tutorial below shows you how you can edge yourself up to the slope if you have fallen down and only want to move a little way up to the start of a run for example. The video above gives some safety tips and shows how you can walk back up the slope with one foot still attached to your board. You will want to learn both of these before you jump in with learning the basics as it will save you time in the long run. Remember – taking your time with the basics means you can move into the more advanced lessons quickly..


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