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  • How To Size Snowboard Boots

    How To Size Snowboard Boots

    Sizing snowboard boots is an important fundamental aspect of snowboarding. Making sure you have the right sized boot will enable you to ride comfortably and avoid injuries.

  • Snowboarding Trick Tips: The Ollie

    Snowboarding Trick Tips: The Ollie

    The Ollie is one of the most fundamental snowboarding tricks – although you can get on perfectly well with airing jumps and carving, by learning the Ollie you are able to jump over any obstacles in the way and it is necessary in order to get onto rails for grinding and sliding. The Ollie is a trick that originated in skateboarding and has made its way over to snowboarding. Snowboarding trick tips takes a look at the Ollie and gives expert advice from experienced professionals. Take a look at the video above, the steps below and navigate further using the menu options.

  • Snowboarding Basics: Edging Up The Slope

    Snowboarding Basics: Edging Up The Slope

    When you are confident on your board and with your surroundings, you may want to learn how to get yourself where you want to be on the slope and out of trouble if you ever fall over. Edging up the slope with either both feet strapped in or with just one foot on your board will save you a lot of time and effort and is definitely good to know for when you’re learning. The tutorial below shows you how you can edge yourself up to the slope if you have fallen down and only want to move a little […]

  • Snowboarding Basics: Strap In, Stand Up..

    Snowboarding Basics: Strap In, Stand Up..

    It is always tempting to jump right in when you first discover snowboarding, strap yourself up and start at the top of the biggest mountain you can find. However, this is not advisable. Aside from the fact that no one has the ability to snowboard straight away without practice, it can also be extremely dangerous – especially if you haven’t familiarised yourself with your snowboard and the slope first. So, take your time and familiarise yourself with your surroundings first, find a flat (or slight incline) near the beginners section or at the bottom of the slopes and grab your […]


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