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Welcome to Snowboarding Tips – your number one resource for the best snowboarding tips for beginners, snowboarding trick tips and snowboarding tutorials. Our experts here at Snowboarding Tips have over 30 years experience snowboarding between them and have spent the majority of their lives on the slopes! So, take a look at what Snowboarding Tips can offer – from beginner tips through to the advanced snowboarding trick tips, we’ve got it all covered!

Who are we?



“Where would I be without snowboarding? Probably in a ditch somewhere, or working in a laundrette – I’ve always liked washing machines!”

Kevin has over 30 years experience snowboarding and has conquered some of the biggest black run slopes in existence. He has spent the last 3 seasons floating from place to place but loves nothing more than hitting up fresh powder early in the morning. Here is a quick bio on the man himself:

  • Favourite Trick: Backside Misty
  • Favourite Slope: Davos, Switzerland
  • Favourite Food: Ham, Egg and Chips!



“I have broken every bone you can think of but would do it all again tomorrow!”

Lee is a young semi-professional snowboarder from Canada. There aren’t many tricks this guy can’t do and he has some of the best technical abilities I have seen. He currently teaches youngsters in his home country and in his spare time likes to travel. Here’s a few of his favourites:

  • Favourite Trick: 360 Mute
  • Favourite Slope: Whistler
  • Favourite Food: Chilli Dogs

How can I use this site?

Use the links to look around, don’t be restrained by any particular section and enjoy yourself. The idea of the site is to provide the best snowboarding tips for all backgrounds – from beginners to professionals alike. We aim to provide tutorials, videos, tips and guidance on how to get the most of your sessions all the way through to the best equipment to buy and slopes to ride.

If you are a beginner, we suggest you take a look at the basics to begin with. This will give you a good idea of what you should do to get used to your environment, learning to strap yourself into your board safely, how to start moving around, how to be safe on the slopes and eventually how to get started properly! We also provide some excellent tutorials on how to perform heel and toeside turns properly, give tips on how to begin linking your turns together and show you the best way to carve your way down the slopes! This will begin to improve your confidence Рyou can then move on to trick tips when you feel ready!

Don’t forget to contact us if you have any suggestions or things you would like us to cover!

All the best with your learning and see you on the slopes..

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